Handyman Services – What They Do

When you need repair or refinishing work done, you should consider handyman services in New York City. There are contractors specializing in every type of handyman work in the city. Handyman services provide such as: 

  • painting, 
  • fixing showers, 
  • window cleaning 
  • and carpet blowing. 

For a simple repair, a handyman might charge as little as $25, but if it involves extensive work, he might charge much higher prices.

Variety of handyman services

If you have an air conditioner that is broken, a handyman can set up a temporary air conditioner at your job site to serve you until your unit is fixed. Your broken AC could be fixed by a simple adjustment or replacement of parts. He can also refinish your furniture, install a new ceiling fan, install a fence or a skylight and make electrical or plumbing repairs. He is trained in all types of handyman jobs and can perform other specialized tasks, if needed.

Another handyman area offers a variety of services including 

  • car detailing, 
  • office repair, 
  • stair building and installation, 
  • marble head polishing, 
  • door and window installation,
  •  flooring and siding repair, 
  • fire restoration
  •  and electrician services. 

In addition to being handy with tools, he has plenty of time to discuss issues with customers and find the best way to fix whatever is wrong. If he is unable to fix it, he will make sure that it is repaired properly so that you won’t have any problems down the road.

Also a handyman service offers: 

  • siding restoration, 
  • fireplace installation and repair, 
  • and electrician services. 

If a customer needs an electrical repair, for example, Moriarity will assess the problem and come up with a quick estimate. If a customer needs a stone repair done, for example, Moriarity will go out and get it done. This is just one of the many ways that Moriarity ensures that his customers are satisfied.

In addition to providing handyman services, some people in the New York City area own their own handyman business. For example, some handyman businesses in New York City focus on commercial and industrial repair jobs. 

These companies sometimes specialize in repairing doors and windows in addition to other office equipment. These businesses often provide service to local businesses and individuals as well as larger corporations.

A New York city handyman services do not always refer to repair. There are other handyman types of services as well. Some of these include 

  • painting, 
  • applying wallpaper, 
  • installing drywall and plumbing, 
  • hauling away broken furniture, 
  • remodeling, 
  • building extensions, and garden work. 

Many of these tasks are considered noncommercial in nature and therefore do not require a license, although licensing is usually required for some specific jobs. New York State requires businesses providing handyman services to be licensed.

In order to provide quality handyman service in New York City, business owners need to obtain professional licenses for a wide range of services. This can be achieved by registering with the New York State Industrial Commission, which authorizes businesses to undertake repair and improvement work. Applicants need to demonstrate that they have been trained and have a license to carry out certain tasks. Applicants can also show that they have experience and can demonstrate they have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out specified repairs.

Handyman services in New York City provide a valuable service to residents. Most of the time, they perform noncommercial repairs which involve only replacing some hardware, repairing door or window screens, installing shelving units and cabinets, and hanging shelves. Some handymen also provide electrical, plumbing and other repair services at commercial buildings. These services are performed for a fee, but the services can prove very valuable to businesses in the long run.