How to avoid scammers when choosing a law firm

Today, the market for consulting services is quite widely developed. There are many offers in the field of legal and accounting services available to the general public. How to make the right choice and find exactly the specialist who will competently and qualitatively perform the work, will be able to give hundred-percent guarantees of results, is fully responsible to the customer, always ready to answer any questions on the problem arising? After all, the customer trusts the lawyer or accountant, not only to solve a particular problem, but to some extent his financial well-being in the near future. And of course, you do not want to get caught up with those who are not able to do their job, and in some cases because of lack of qualifications may further damage the case.

Often the work in law firms is built as follows. There is a reputable lawyer with a name known to many, who conducts meetings with clients, such as Michael Kyriakides. After the contract for the case taken by other lawyers, and often their qualifications are noticeably worse. In the case of a negative resolution of your issue you will be told a fairy tale of the reasons for the failure. Then you can be promised that in appeal, and then in the cassation of your case exactly they will win. But the result may be the same as in the first instance. Why is it so? All because of the low professionalism of a particular executor.

As you know, the modern state works thanks to the legislative system. At the same time, the implementation of laws is very often ignored not only by the population, but also by the public services themselves. In addition, most people are poorly versed in the legal intricacies in solving those or other controversial situations. That is why today the services of specialists in the field of law and laws are very much in demand by citizens and companies.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a law firm

As you know, today thanks to the Internet a person can get the necessary information very easily. Therefore, choosing a law firm the user should first consider the website of the company. It should have a simple interface that can be easily understood even by an inexperienced person. In addition, the site of the company should have a price list with prices for all services provided by the company.

It is also worth reading reviews of the company’s customers who have already asked for help. Usually if people are dissatisfied with the services, they write about it. It is also worth paying attention to the prices listed on the website, if they are too low, it may indicate poorly trained lawyers of the company. It is best to pay attention to companies that are in the average price category.

Beware of Scammers

Beware of lawyers who give a 100% guarantee of success – such high performance does not exist in principle. And such a lawyer misleads you, pay attention that in the contract they will never write that they guarantee 100% result. As a rule, these lawyers boast of familiarity in the law enforcement bodies and the judicial system, promising to immediately resolve any issue on the phone. Such unfounded statements should put you on alert. Communications with the security forces have almost any lawyer who studied at a law school and worked as a lawyer for at least ten years. 

But as a rule, even if the lawyer has some connections in the authorities you need, it does not guarantee a positive result for you. In 90% of cases when you are suggested to solve the problem in another, not quite legal, way, you will be the one who will be left in the lurch. Scammers, as a rule, take an advance payment, then, in the worst case, do nothing, and in the best case – solve the issue in the usual legal way. You can see details of such a situation that happened recently.