How to choose outdoor swings

Swinging is an ancient and equally favorite entertainment not only for all children, but also for many adults. Regardless of whether you like to take off on a swing in the clouds or sway peacefully in the shade of a blossoming garden, a swing will surely give you a guaranteed pleasure. At equipment for playground and other interesting options are available in a wide range.

Swing types for adults and children

All the swings, first of all, are divided by:

  • portable;
  • stationary.

Portable swings are suitable for installation in any place, on the street or in the apartment. They are quite compact in size and designed mainly for small children. In turn, the stationary swing is a street option, they are installed in the yards, playgrounds and homestead lands. Stationary swings are firmly fixed to the ground, more stable and therefore safer. Children’s street stationary swings happen:

  • on the spring;
  • balancers;
  • suspension swings.

Suspended swings can have one, two or more seats attached to the load-bearing stand with flexible or rigid suspensions. The swing stands can be made of both metal and wood. Outdoor swings are designed for relaxation in the garden. Such swings can be used by adults, so they have the appropriate size and withstand sufficient weight. Outdoor swings on the modern market can have a wide variety of designs and are made of wood, plastic and metal.

Children’s swings – joy and excitement of flying up and down   

Children of all ages adore the feeling of flying, and swaying on the swings, overcoming, sometimes, their fear, they feel like a free bird or a pilot of a supersonic plane. This is fun and exciting. But, it turns out, the swing is not only a pleasant entertainment, riding on them, has a beneficial effect on the harmonious physical development of the child. In the process of rocking occurs:

  • training of the vestibular system;
  • strengthening the muscles of the back and the press;
  • development of a sense of rhythm and self-perception in space;
  • relax and calm the nervous system.

All this makes the swing of any type an indispensable attribute of each playground. The main task of manufacturers of a swing for children, to make them as much as possible safe. For this purpose the correct dimensions calculated on the certain age of the child are important. Although, the most important thing in the games on the playground, it is compliance with safety rules and careful supervision of adults.

On the site you can find a wide selection of outdoor swings Each model presented in the catalogue, is certificated under the international standards, possesses attractive design and the guaranteed durability. Modern outdoor swings are made taking into account all the requirements of consumers to them. These are comfortable swing sofas, on which you can fully relax in the fresh air. Traditionally, outdoor swings consist of:

  • frames;
  • hanging seat;
  • awning from the sun.

Massive metal or wooden frame is usually not attached to the ground, and itself has sufficient stability. Such swings can be installed on a special wooden or stone platform or directly on the ground. Although most outdoor swings are not fixed, they are rarely moved from place to place, usually in the shade of the garden or on the terrace of the house. Garden swing seats differ depending on the number of seats available and the material from which they are made. These can be rigid wooden seats or soft sofa cushions. The swing awning will protect you from the sun and light rain. Swings equipped with a soft sofa are best kept under the roof and wooden seats are also suitable for outdoor use.