Main features of outdoor advertising production

Due to its reliability and efficiency, as well as many different options, outdoor advertising is in constant high demand from advertisers. And not to get lost among the huge number of banners, billboards, informative signs, each company in advertising its services wants to stand out and attract the attention of the target audience. Excellent with this function cope with the volume letters, which in a short time make the company recognizable. You may also be interested in the backdrop banner printing.

Beautiful signage is an individual face of the company, especially often used today as a signage metal letters. Choosing from two identical doors, any person will choose the sign, which will seem to him more solid and credible. In order to create a unique image of the company and collect the greatest number of sympathies of potential customers advantageous to use three-dimensional letters.

Production of three-dimensional letters does not require large costs, but the result of this method of outdoor advertising stunning. Big, bright and eye-catching, mobile and easy to transport and placement, three-dimensional letters are of interest to consumers and attract their attention to the original design. One more their advantage is that it is possible to place volume letters practically on any surface without necessity of manufacturing of additional, separately standing designs.

This variant of the outdoor advertising allows to imagine both with applied materials, and with design. Plastic, foam, acrylic glass – the customer can pick up any material convenient for itself. Volume letters can be big and small, different on colour and an arrangement, with use of any fonts. They also allow the use of LED elements, so that effectively cope with their goals and at night. And if due to some reasons damaged one of the elements, it can be easily replaced separately from the entire structure.

All costs for the manufacture of three-dimensional letters is minimal, and the result will exceed all expectations. After all, such designs are readable even from long distances, look elegant, stylish and presentable. Promoting the product by means of volume letters, and applying along with them additional advertising resources, high level of sales of the company is provided.

Special effects of outdoor advertising: lightbox

In fact, light boxes or light boxes are used not only as outdoor advertising, but also as interior decorative parts with additional advertising load. These can be pointers in large shopping malls or zone markers in central bank offices. However, most often light boxes are installed on the street, where at night they attract customers with their bright glow combined with the original presentation of information.

Importantly, the fact that light advertising is the most practical type of “outdoor advertising” due to its durability. Recently, this type of advertising has spread very widely, which is a consequence of its effectiveness in combination with low cost.

The cost of lightbox depends on several factors. They are of value:

  • overall size,
  • used materials,
  • the shape of the box.

The bigger the light box, the more expensive it is. I don’t think there’s any explanation for that. But materials can significantly affect the price downwards or upwards. The cheapest light boxes in Moscow offers those sellers of services who are used to trust plastic. At the moment it is the cheapest material. Luxury raw materials include white matte and colored glass. To influence on cost of the outdoor advertising towards increase can as steel tubes which are used as a profile for the case of lightboxes. However, even an expensive glass customer may agree to insert it into a regular aluminum circuit. Here you can find some Custom Vinyl Banners