Popular types of property in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular countries in the world for buying property, known not only for its comfortable climate, many kilometers of beaches, unique architecture, but also for its rich variety of housing types. In order to competently prepare for the process of buying or renting a home in Spain, it makes sense to understand all its types – in fact, most ads will include unfamiliar names of properties. And even if the search process is accompanied by experienced professionals of real estate agencies, in any case, the future owner will be useful to learn in advance to understand the peculiarities of the local housing market, in order to most effectively convey to the representatives of the real estate world that he prefers to buy. If you still need help in this matter, you can always contact the company https://yes-mallorca-property.com/.

Types of apartments in Spain

Buyers of real estate in Spain, who have decided to become owners of apartments, may encounter their several variations. The most common variant of apartments is apartamento – a classic single-level apartment in the usual meaning, which is located in a multi-storey building. It is important to remember that in Spain, as in the rest of Europe, if it is indicated that the object has a certain number of bedrooms, then in the vast majority of cases, it is also assumed another room, which plays the role of a living room. Often the term piso appears in ads – in fact, synonymous with apartments, except that it may have a smaller area from the generally accepted norms. If the apartment is on the ground floor, in Spanish this characteristic will mean the word bajo.

There are studios in Spain called estudio, which imply that the same room contains the kitchen, living room and bedroom. This format of housing often has spacious loggias – which is very popular among short- and long-term tenants. If a buyer wishes to buy a spacious apartment on the top floor with a large terrace and panoramic views (or even with a roof plot of the house in the property), it makes sense to pay attention to atico – the Spanish version of the penthouse. Apartamento, atico, studio and piso are mostly located in residential complexes that often have their own parking, sports ground, swimming pool and walking area.

Types of houses in Spain

Private residential sector of Spain in its diversity is not inferior to apartments. Bungalow in Spain is a medium sized residential building, where all rooms are on the same floor, but there are also options where there are several floors. But it is one-storey bungalows that are more appreciated on the market due to the fact that the owner has no neighbors. There are also bungalows duplex – a two-level bungalow, which belongs to one owner. There are also several other distinctive features of Spanish bungalows – flat roof, large terrace (sometimes on the roof) and garden area. This type of property is most commonly found in suburban areas. If the bungalow has several floors, it means that there are several apartments, where each has its own entrance from the outside.

Chalet – most often this term refers to a stone house with a sloping roof several floors high with its own area or garden, so it is rarely found in cities. However, this type of housing is often built in mountainous areas near fields and forests. Masia is a family home for wealthy farmers and is more often found in the eastern Iberian Peninsula in the countryside near the French-Spanish border. The main material for this type of home has been untreated stone – most of the objects called masia are located in the mountainous areas. But there are also buildings made of clay.