Relocations and Furniture Removalist Services

Transportation of furniture may be required when you move to another place of residence, office move, seasonal change of residence and other situations. To ensure that the transport of furniture does not turn into a natural disaster, in any of these situations is much easier, safer and more reliable to use the services of professional experts:

  • Furniture packers;
  • Furniture assembly / disassembly service;
  • Removalist services;
  • Driver services.

Professional service knows what a perfect furniture transport should be, so it offers its services to those who want to keep things without damage. No matter how difficult the road is and how long the distance is, cheap removalists melbourne guarantee the integrity of the entrusted cargo.

Moving sets and pieces of furniture: what is the difficulty?

The main difference between professional services of Furniture Transportation – taking into account the smallest features, the specifics of transportation of each type of product. 

  • It is easier to transport cabinet furniture, as it can be disassembled into individual parts as much as possible, after which it will take up less space in the truck. Also disassembled types contribute to the absence of damage to the cargo on the way. It is better to disassemble the furniture with a specialist, and the disassembly of furniture services. He knows the intricacies of disassembly and will be able to pull the reverse process of assembly according to the rules.
  • You should be responsible for the transportation of kitchen sets. In addition to small components of the design, difficulties can arise with built-in appliances. Employees of a modern transport company will be able to disconnect the appliances connected to the electricity, water, and then load the property.
  • The transportation of antiques will be very serious. Particular requirements for packaging, additional fixation in the body, the most careful transportation – guarantees from a professional company to transport even very valuable items.

Packing of furniture is an important part of transportation

The process of disassembling furniture is a very troublesome stage of transportation, but you should not forget about the packaging. Good packing materials will protect furniture from scratches, bumps, chips. And for each piece of furniture, it is important to choose individual packing materials that match the design, the material of the product:

  • mirror, glass parts are wrapped in thick paper or air bubble film;
  • polished surface also requires an additional barrier for shaking – polyethylene foam and foam rubber;
  • sharp corners need cardboard tips secured with tape;
  • ordinary dirt, stains and minor damage can be prevented by wrapping things in ordinary polyethylene;
  • small items can be packed in cardboard boxes;
  • stretch film saves any furniture from the effects of moisture, it can be used as a final protective layer.

Any professional transportation of furniture involves additional securing of cargo with straps, ropes, hooks, etc. Proper placement involves the location of heavy items at the bottom and lightweight items at the top. These and other nuances are taken into account by removalists at the stage of planning the transportation.  Here is a breakdown of the stages of the furniture transportation process, which you can specify when ordering removalist services.

Main stages of furniture transportation

  1. Choice of services. Depending on the complexity of the move you can order a freight cab separately or comprehensive moving services with movers and packers.
  2. Estimating the cost of moving. You can specify the cost of selected services by telephone or on the website of the chosen company, as well as you can make an on-site assessment of the office or apartment manager of the moving company.
  3. Packing of furniture and belongings should be done in advance, either by yourself or by specialists, using special packing materials. You can sort and pack your own interior items, dishes and belongings, or use the services of melton removalists.
  4. Preparation before loading. For the safe transportation of furniture and belongings, professional movers will make a plan of action for loading operations, taking into account all the features of property.
  5. Transportation of furniture. Companies use special vehicles with fasteners and special equipment with a hydroboard, which ensures the performance of work and safety of transported property.
  6. Unloading. It is important to free up enough space at the unloading place, so that movers do not clutter the boxes and bags of oversized items and equipment. This saves time and your moving costs.
  7. Assembling and hooking up appliances. It is also necessary to inform the workers in advance about the need to connect the washing machine or assemble the closet, so they have the necessary tools available.