What are the differences between sativa and indica

Indica and sativa – 2 names of the main hemp species. In sativa and indica, the difference is most significant when using the final product. Each species has a different effect on the mind and psyche, including sedative effect and medicinal properties. The fluctuations of cannabis varieties range from the strongest indica to pure sativa. To create a new hybrid, these 2 species can be mixed in proportions: 70% indica to 30% sativa, equal to half indica sativa, 20% sativa to 80% indica, etc. As a result of the selection and mixing of sativa and indica genes, new cannabis varieties with improved characteristics regarding germination, concentration of cannabinoids (THC), variability of effects, etc. appear almost daily.

Sativa and indica

Indisa is a fairly low-growth, unpretentious shrub plant. The bush has wide and short leaves. These characteristics make the indica ideal for home breeding even in the smallest of spaces. Each lump of the plant smells very sweet or sour. The region of origin of indica is Nepal, Afghanistan and the mountainous regions of India, where climatic and geographical conditions are difficult to call favorable. It was necessary to adapt the plant to the terrain and its peculiarities, which became a kind of ‘survival training’. When choosing an indicator or sativa, cannabis varieties dominated by the first species are the best choice for the start of cannabis production.

Advantages of Indica-dominant cannabis varieties:

  • better adaptability in any environment;
  • survival against improper maintenance (disturbance of irrigation, lighting, temperatures, late application, etc.);
  • compactness in the size of adult bushes;
  • high yield compared to sativa under equal conditions;
  • a fairly short life span until the lump matures.

Indica marijuana effect

If you concisely describe the action of hemp-indica when consuming, the best word is “physical”. A person feels deep physical relaxation, peace and some kind of peace. Types of sativa and indica have a significant difference in the recommended time of intake. In this version, it is no doubt an evening when one can afford a full relaxation after a busy day and a possible further long healthy sleep.

The main effects of Indica hybrids:

  • mild pain relief in migraines and pain in the body;
  • muscle relaxation, which is especially important for spasms;
  • reduced spasmodic activity;
  • relieving nervous tension, stress.

In countries where cannabis is legally used in medical practice, doctors know exactly what indica and sativa are, which increases the effectiveness of applying the herb to solve various problems with sleep and pain.


Sativa is a type of weed marijuana. Unlike indica, Sativa grows up to several meters tall; its leaves are narrow and long. These characteristics of hemp shrubs make sativa good for growing outdoors – in a greenhouse, under a high special tent or in the open air. However, if there is enough space indoors, the plant can also be grown indoors. The region of origin of sativa is the equatorial regions of Mexico and Colombia. The smell of the lump is grassy. The end product should be consumed in the morning or during the day, as it has a stimulant effect – it causes an increase in strength, physical and intellectual activation.

Advantages of sativa-dominant cannabis varieties:

  • adaptability to growing on the street, in greenhouses;
  • the ability to simply cross with different varieties to produce a low-growth plant;
  • easier to harvest due to clear differentiation of tiers with branches in each bush;
  • unlocking mental and creative potential in moderate consumption;
  • short active phase.

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