Marketing for construction business

You need to know the type of business because each business type has its own business model. This model is the basis of the company’s business strategy. This strategy, in turn, is very important for the company’s presence on the Internet. This strategy will include the formation of a business goal tree, which in turn is projected on the website. It will determine and include website modernization, media plan, end-to-end analytics, and often even at the last stage of integration of the Internet strategy with the offline component of the business (CRM-systems, ERP-systems). If you are afraid of marketing or think that your budget is limited and you cannot afford the best hvac marketing ideas, then it is time to implement creative solutions.

The main purpose of the marketing service in the construction organization is the creation of a permanent system for the collection, processing and exchange of objective information between all the structural units of the company to ensure a sustainable, predictable and managed sales process of the complex of construction services. The efficiency of marketing management entirely depends on the ability of the management staff to combine understanding of trends in economic processes in all departments of the company. According to the classic scheme of marketing organization at the enterprise, it is reasonable to divide it into internal and external. As applied to the construction organization, the following structural elements of marketing can be distinguished.

External marketing

  1. General marketing of the external environment – is carried out with the purpose of revealing the factors that can influence the economic activity of the enterprise (political, economic, social, legal situation).
  2. Building market marketing – identification of priority directions, dynamics, structure and general development tendencies, selection of target markets.
  3. Marketing of construction technologies, materials and equipment (marketing of innovations) – involves the study, analysis and determination of economic feasibility of development, development and use of new construction technologies and materials on current and future objects.
  4. Competitors marketing – analysis of the state of contractual relations, price policy, technologies used, financing methods, methods of organization, quality, guarantees and terms of work performance.
  5. Supplier marketing – analysis of assortment, prices, quality, terms and conditions of delivery of construction materials and equipment.
  6. Marketing of information communications – analysis of existing and search for new sources of commercial information, study of the advertising market, obtaining initial data to develop an advertising strategy and tactics of the enterprise.
  7. Marketing of bank and insurance services – analysis of conditions of granting of bank credits, guarantees, investment policy of banks, conditions and order of insurance of building risks.

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Internal Marketing

  1. Management Marketing – analysis of conformity of the existing management system, planning and organizational structure of the enterprise to the level of current and future tasks to be solved.
  2. Production process marketing – assessment of technical and technological level, efficiency of work organization, study and analysis of interaction of structural divisions of the enterprise.
  3. Personnel marketing – assessment of quantitative and qualitative indicators of personnel (educational, professional level, qualification), psychological climate, salary level, motivation system, social benefits.
  4. Financial marketing – analysis and development of pricing policy, determination of the level of profitability of each structural unit and the enterprise as a whole.
  5. Marketing control (audit) – complex analysis of marketing concept implementation, tactical and strategic development plans.